Can I swap discs with a japanese saturn?

Ok I have a problem. I'm kinda new to this stuff and I just discovered that there was a disc swap trick for the Saturn. I wanna play an English game but I have a Japanese Saturn. Is it possible to swap a real Japanese saturn game with a English backup copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga? Does swap trick even work on a Japanese saturn?


Mid Boss
You can do the swap trick on a japanese saturn. However, you'll need to patch the region on the PDS iso for it to work.

If I recall, I once had an unpatched japanese game which I tried to play on a USA saturn, with a region cart - it forced me to do the swap trick twice in a row. In sum, it's generally easier just to patch it to the same region as your console.
I was under the impression you can swap discs on any Saturn ... I've done it on both US Model 1 and 2 units.