Cant get sega cd(model 1)working

i just got the sega cd today front loading type,and i cant get it to open the cd tray..when i turn on the GEN the sega cds green light will come on for a sec go off then come back on(some times the red light will come on as well)then it goes to the sega cd screen with the planets and just sit there,if i hit a button on the gen controller nothing happens,then if i hit reset it comes right back to the sega cd screen and says to put in a disk and hit start and same thing nothing i hit works HELP!!!!!!!!
Hey man i had the same problem... i tried many things from trying different plugs and moving the connection between the system and sega cd. well i found the fix... some guy on this fourm "thank you whoever you are", read the message SEGA CD POWER ISSUES in this forum, that is the fix, and its really really easy to do... good luck and let me know your outcome... also when replacing the fuse you can use any 2.5 amp fuse, i used a big one and theres plenty of room to fit it in there, cost me $2.50 for the fuse, if i was to buy a small litte 2.5 amp fuse like the one the sega cd has in it it would of cost me $18.50, well again good luck...

No i fixed one thing and then another started..the Cd drive was disconnected thats what was causing my 1st sometimes the cd drive will eject but the rest of the time it gets hung and if you have the cd drive out of the sega cd and pull down on the bottom of the drive then it will start ejecting fine,but it wont read any disk's cd's or SCD games so im not for sure if the whole drive is bad or what but with it haveing that stickin,not spining the disk fast and the lazer not wanting to read anything thats what i would say it is..any feedback or help you guy can offer then plz do..

also in case the dood wont give my moneys back does anyone know where i can land a WORkING cd drive at,like if one of you has a model 1 but the power board is fryed but the drive is good something along those lines????
ok now this is crazy..

i went ahead and bought another SCD for parts to fix the cd just for kicks today i took the old cd drive apart and fixed what was cousing the cd tray to get stuck and not come out(the 2 gears that moves the tray and drive was out of time)but now the motor that spins the cd wont turn the cd at all now,but just the other day it would spin GRRRR this drive is driveing me nuts.....
At this moment I'm waiting I receive a new spin motor for my MegaCD model 2. you can get then in eletronic parts shops for like 15$ bucks. I thinks that deserves a try ;)


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I had a similar issue with a Sega CD. Turns out I was using the wrong AC adapter. Make sure that you're using the correct one.