Castlevania online


Just read this interview with the creator of Symphony of the Night where he says he's interested in making an online Castlevania game. Obviously the guy knows his onions Castlevania-wise but I'm curious as to how that's going to work. Suely they wouldn't make a 2d online game (now that would be interesting) so I can't help but think of the n64 versions.. Ack.

Anyone got any thoughts?

Also he's calling for people to email Konami asking for a remake of Rondo of Blood, which he seems to think could happen with public demand. I'll try to find an email address if anyone's interested.


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GS: Speaking of some of older Castlevania games, on the Castlevania Chronicles disc, you mentioned that you would like to rerelease Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood. Is that still happening?

KI: I want to put that game into a second Chronicles game, but there are a lot of technical things on the company side preventing that from happening. I want Castlevania fans to send us e-mails saying that they want this, so we can move on to the next step.

It's definitely a good thing to see.

I'm only left to wonder whether or not emails to the US branch will do any good...


Yeah, I was wondering the same. Only addy I could come up with was, but that's obviously not the right place for this. Anyone good at wading through Japanese sites for information?