CD-R Issue


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So I have, in my car, the Blaupunkt Tampa Bay CD51 HU w/ the older 10 model Blau 10 disc cd changer. I've had the HU for about a year and half now (replaced my older HU, my beloved Colorado, which blew out when I jumped my car) and the cd changer for 5 years. No problems with either. Sortof.

I used HK silvers to burn some music cds, and the HU, after two hours or so (shorter in the summer, longer in the winter - essentially when it ran really hot) would start skipping. Static. No problems in the changer, no matter what duration (8 hour trip to boston, no issue), problem solved.

Now the issue is, I bought Memorex CD-Rs, and right off the bat they're making the static noise in both the HU and the changer. Sounds fine on my laptop, and portable cd player.

Any ideas as to what might cause this? The HU and Changer both accept most other CD-Rs, in fact, all of them except apparently memorex (Sony's and Pioneer's with the best sound quality). Any suggestions for a future CD-R purchase (since I can't find said pioneers or sonys now)?
Kodaks are good if you can find them, Kodak quit making them I believe. But personally I would go Tyen Yuden for the best. They are sorta pricy, but worth it and easy to buy. Fuji CD-Rs are actually Tyen Yuden's, so you can get them cheaply and easily over Kodaks anytime. They offer good speeds in burning, quality, and longevity.

So I say go with Tyen Yudens.

P.S. I know I spelled Tyen Yueden wrong, I'm just use to calling them TYs.


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Memorex and most store brands = CMC Magnetics = crap.

Get Fuji or someone else who gets theirs from Taiyo Yuden, Hitachi-Maxell, or Mitsui Advanced Media. As a rule of thumb, get discs made in Japan (it's not that Taiwan sucks, but there's no room in Japan for crap CD-R factories :p)