.cdi image -> .bin or .iso?

Hi, i need to convert a game with a US region to the JPN region, but the problem is, the image is in a .cdi image, is there away around this issue, because i don't wanna use the time to extract the .cdi and then .bin it up


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Sure there is. It requires the use of a good hex editor. All you need to do is patch 2 places and you're done. Imagine you are dealing with a DickJuggler image in the 2 pics below.


This is usually at the very beginning of the file, so it's pretty easy to locate. All you have to do here is change the U to J for JAPAN.


To locate this, just page down from the beginning of the file until you see the "COPYRIGHT© SEGA ENTERPRISES,LTD..." text, or you may do a search for that string starting from the beginning of the image file. What you do here is change the selected text to say "For JAPAN. " as indicated by TyRaNiD's source code of the Saturn Country Converter.