Cheap workaround to fix scratched discs.

I had a couple scratched SS discs and they didnt play I'm planning on getting a disc doctor thingy but they are expensive at the store(or I'm just cheap either way) but I got impatient so I threw it into my cdrom and copied it and bam the copy worked just fine. Of course this only works if you have a modded Saturn but hey beggers cant be choosers.

Hope that helps somebody


A good PC CD-ROM drive usually can read past some scratches the Saturn's drive can't, so if your PC can still read the game, making a copy of it may work.

Of course, I repeat: *if* the PC can read the disc without errors. Otherwise the furthest you may go is make a new copy that includes the unreadable data (Blindread-style).

You can also take the disc somewhere to get it resurfaced. It's almost as cheap as a CDR (not the resurfacing kit itself, but having a store resurface the disc for you).
I've heard that toothpaste could "repair" discs, never tried it myself though.

I'm not having any problems with scratches on my Saturn discs, but I do have some music cd's that are scratched. I'll probably try it out once I get home, and report if I had any luck.

I've got a severely damaged Misfits record, and some other records that are just a little scratched. Might be good to know how bad of scratches this can fix, if any.

And I don't acctually know how this toothpaste should fix something, and what happens with data disc. :huh:


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Misfits records don't sound right unless they're scratched. (Before they were re-released on CD, most everyone had n+1:th-generation tape dubs recorded off of scratched vinyl. Now, listening to the CDs it just doesn't sound right when the sound doesn't fade at the right spots and the skips aren't there.)

Toothpaste is an abrasive, so it works the same as all the CD-polishing repair kits. Dunno if it's the best choice, but it's certainly the cheapest.


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I've tried toothpaste before.

Never seemed to help.

Although maybe I'm doing it wrong or my toothpaste isn't good enough
The discs I had where just a little scatched up so it worked well for me obviously it wouldnt work for somebody with really really messed up stuff though.


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Congrats, you just found a trick some of us have known about for years! :D

I know a guy that is a program director for several radio stations, he swears by the toothepaste trick. I've never really tried it cause I treat my discs like they are worth millions (read I burn copies of all my discs, and only ever use my copies).

Supposedly those disc doctors work (atleast according to 'experts') however, I worked at a video store, and every disc I've ever seen one of those used on (ps1, ps2, gamecube, dvd) only got worse, or completely stopped working after their use. I've also been at a gamestop when the store refused to take a disc cause it had been used by a disc doctor.


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What about those decals.. has anybody used those? Supposedly you can get these clear decals, not to repair damage already done, but to protect the data layer from further damage. If the decal gets scratched, you're supposed to be able to peel it off and put another one on.
yeah, it's a silicon based gunk. kinda a hit or miss prospect though. works on light surface scratches beautifully. absolutely useless on deeper ones


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considering how many CD/DVDs exist nowadays and how many people don't take care of them, I'm surprised nobody has worked on better ways to repair discs.


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Originally posted by Scared0o0Rabbit@Oct 2, 2003 @ 07:28 PM

cd/dvd repair = a burner ^_^; Number 1 best way to repair a disk I've found.

yeah, but if the disc is really bad, a burner might not be good enough.

Just an example, I was copying a CD from my public library, but it was so scratched the last track was really messed up.

plus what about repairing originals?


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Well i find the best think is a product called T-CUT, duno if its avalable in USA.

Its the stuff you rub on your paintwork on the car, takes out those large scratches.
I had a Sega CD game with a circular scratch on it, so my pc wouldn't even read it right. I took it to the used cd shop and they put it in a professional sized polisher. Fixed it up so that it looked brand new, and it works perfectly, all for $1.


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Originally posted by King M@Oct 6, 2003 @ 03:43 AM

I had a Sega CD game with a circular scratch on it, so my pc wouldn't even read it right. I took it to the used cd shop and they put it in a professional sized polisher. Fixed it up so that it looked brand new, and it works perfectly, all for $1.

hmm I wonder if anybody around here has one of those.


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I know my local funcoland does. I use gamedoctor on most CDs I get if they aren't too bad. They read fine, but they will be a little streaky in appearance because of how the pad strips plastic off. Its better than scratches though, and after I repair a CD it works great. If a CD is badly scratched, then I have funcoland take care of it. I mean of course some scratches are just too deep and then there's label-side damage which is irrepairable, but they've fixed a couple of fairly bad discs. They would have taken forever for me to fix with the gamedoctor, if I even got them working again, and the appearance is better.