Christmas Shopping?


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Getting down to the last minute guys. Who waits untill Christmas Eve to do thier shopping?


I know I'm not alone here guys...


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If it wasn't for the last minute I'd never get anything done. ;)

I've just got home from fighting my way through the crowds. I'm probably going back for another round tomorrow night, say 2 or 3AM. There are too many people during the day.
bought presents on the weekend past there, though as everyones giving me vouchers for christmas I'll be back out again after boxing day


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I just have a couple people left on my list. Luckily, most of the gifts have sort of fallen into place, although I'm still struggling with a few. I also just wanted to chime in and say 'Boxing Day!' in a cheerful tenor.


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Thankfully I just bought Mario Kart, my second-to-last item. Last one is cake, a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse. I've spent a good bit more than ever before on gifts, this year. I'd probably have spent more, but I had to pick up a new distributor for my car. 17 years is a long time, so I didn't feel too bad replacing it.
Yeah, i'm a last minute shopper also.

I did pic a few things up earlier though, which is a miracle for me. The rest of my shopping i'll do tomorrow morning.

This is ending up to be a very expensive christmas, I tell ya. Witht he new baby and all, and Destine out of work (so she can stay home with th baby) i'm paying for gifts for my family, as well as hers. Argh. Not like I have all hti cash to begin with.

Ah well, it's Christmas, so I guess it's ok.

Hey, I never did tell you guys the story of the baby being born and everything. I think i posted it on the other boards I go to, but this one. Sorry about that. I'll post it sometime, when i have time. it was a freakin' nightmare.

But that's ok, baby Kairi turns 6 weeks old tomorrow. :D

(yes, we named her Kairi. Don't laugh. We think it's a beautiful name.)

Sp speaking of last minute shopping, who here thinks that they might not finish in time??