Clockwork Knight 1, 2...

I Have Clockwork Knight - Pepperouchau's Adventure (Japanese), so I bought Clockwork Knight 2 (US). But I found out that the Japanese version is actually the same as Clockwork Knight 2 (US)! The difference is that the US version has a slightly different lay out in the game menus, a Boss-Movie mode that lets you play and watch the bosses & movies from part 1 & 2. In the Japanese version you fight the "Crazy TV set Boss" before you start level 1, but other than that it has the same levels!

So was Clockwork Knights 1 released in Japan with a different name?

The full names of the games I have:

Clockwork Knight - Pepperouchau's Adventure - 1994, 1995 (Jap)

Clockwork Knight 2 - Pepperouchau's Adventure - 1994, 1996 (US)

Any good site with cool Pics, of Clockwork Knight 1, 2?
There is no number to determine CKs in the japanese version :

CLOCKWORK KNIGHT Pepperouchau's Adventure Joukan (GS-9004) is the first one.

CLOCKWORK KNIGHT Pepperouchau's Adventure Gekan (GS-9029) is the sequel. (that's the one you bought)

CLOCKWORK KNIGHT Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro (GS-9074) is the two episodes in one case.