Contra: Hard Corps

The finest Contra you could ever ask for. 4 unique characters, powerups you can save and use at your leasure, insane difficulty, and 5 different endings. Im quite glad that they changed it to one hit kills from the japanese version where you had 3 hits. I still dont think ive ever got the last ending ( the one where you take the train into the base). I had a blast teaching my friends to play this game with me, so i could actualy beat it.

(yay im a snatcher!)
i prefer it as Probotector
i think the characters suit the games robotic enviroment/story better.

But a great game all the same
i love watching the rotating a scaling effects

that you thought could only be done with mode 7 on the snes.

Konami true pioneers :agree


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This is one of my favourite things to pull out if any of my friends start thinking they're good at games ;) . Not that I'm any better at it really, never put the time in unfortunately..