converting region code europe to japan

hello all,

i try to run a copy of death crimson on my jpn saturn

but it wouldn't work because it's region code was already changed to europe.

so, i tryed to convert (mode1/2352)bin file's region code with satcconv 1.2 win32

but it still doesn't work on my saturn.:(

and the fie index is


 TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

  INDEX 01 00:00:00


  PREGAP 00:02:00

  INDEX 01 06:00:12


  INDEX 01 08:06:33

how can i convert image files region code europ to jpn?

sorry for poor english.

and add any reply please.
You shouldn't patch isos with 2352 bytes per sector... try loading up that cue in Binchunker on Action menu, select all, and then in the same menu, select convert, give a filename.. (like DeadCrimson) and you'll end up with an ISO in mode1 2048 and several wave tracks, then patch that ISO (do not patch before using binchunker).

After that, run Sega Cue Maker on the folder where that iso+wav set is.. it will prompt you again for a name..

Then just load up that cuesheet you've just created on your burning prog.

Note: If your recorder refuses the cuesheet, use ISO2RAW to convert that mode1 2048 iso to mode1 2352, then run the cue maker again, and hopefully your burner will load it up..
thanks alot Barracuda :)

i extract iso files from bin image and convert

europe to japan with activing clear other code when patching as your instruction.

after making cue file i mounted maked image with daemon tools

and from virtual drive i make bin,cue image again and burn it.

it work well on my saturn.

thanks again.

by the way, what function do clear other code in satconv?

without activing clear other code it don't work.

can anyone explain the difference between

activing clear code and not in detail?

sorry for poor english.


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There are games that have multiple region codes. What clear code does is it removes all the region codes except for one to ensure that the patched code will work on your Saturn.

BTW, you could have saved yourself an extra step by using CDmage 1.02.1 beta 5 to convert your 2352 BIN+CUE to a 2048 BIN+CUE using the "Save As..." function.
That option to remove "other country codes" in satconv, is because some games are multi-region, that is.. they have 2 or more codes, like JT (Japan and Taiwan) or they can be like those cds with demos which have ALL country codes, so that they can be used in any saturn.

Imagine that you have a game country coded for JU, that game would be playable in US and JAP saturns. when patching it for European with satconv that game would be EU, or if you selected that option to remove other country codes, it would become just E.

I usually always clear that other country codes, as some games have problems with have some combinations of country codes..

About your burning method, why didn't you just load the cuesheet you made (with sega cue maker) on cdrwin and burned it? That process of creating a bin+cue again is useless..

Anyways, I'm glad you burned it correctly :)
it is wonderful explanation. :)

thanks alot both of two.

about creating bin/cue again,i am asked for uploading image files.

but they(korean) usually don't know how to burn iso+wav or mp3 image.

in order to, let them burn image easy,i must make image a form of bin/cue.

anyway thanks again.

sorry for too late reply and

poor english.
I've already explained it in some other threads.. but as I can't find them right now...

When you patch the country code of a raw mode iso (2352bytes per sector), satconv changes some data on the user data portion of that sector (2048bytes..), the rest os the sector bytes are used for Error Correction Codes and Error Detection Codes (ECC/EDC), the _problem_ is that these codes aren't modified to match the changes in user data section of the 1st sector.

Then, if you burn the iso in RAW mode, most cd burners will reconstruct the "damaged" data... and the original country code is recovered.

As most newer cd burners allow you to burn mixed mode cds without all tracks being in RAW mode (datatrack at 2048 and audiotracks at 2352), most of the time, if you don't "force" the burning app to burn in RAW mode, the burner itself will "discard" the ECC/EDC codes on the iso and rebuild them on-the-fly by analysing the user data portion.

So, in newer burners, as long as you don't force the burning method to RAW mode, and let the burner rebuild the ECC/EDC you wont have any problems.. if you burn a raw iso in raw mode, the burner will not do the rebuild and will burn the ecc/edc already on the iso.. which will screw up the patch.

The problem is that some older drives (I know my mitsumi 4X burner is one of these) can't burn mixed mode cds if ALL the tracks aren't in RAW mode (2352)...

When I got some iso in 2048, I would patch it with satconv and the use ISO2RAW (which generates the ecc/edc codes) to convert it to a iso2352, then I would burn..

If I got a iso2352, I would have to convert it to 2048, patch it with satconv, then convert it back to iso2352 with ISO2RAW...

Hope this isn't too confusing. <_<