Crazy Taxi DC/ARC restoration mod 2.0 for PC ver


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This plugin for Crazy Taxi restores the original licensed brands from the Arcade and Dreamcast versions. The original version of the mod was made by Alexvgz and involved replacing textures; after some investigation I found a way to restore brands by editing the code instead. This has also allowed for complete restorations of FILA and Pizza Hut logos, and for a restoration of FILA as a possible customer destination - unlike other licensed brands, FILA was not only made unmarked, but also made unreachable by customers.


  • Restored original licensed destinations:
    • Pizza Hut (Pizza Parlor)
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken (Fried Chicken Shack)
    • FILA
    • Tower Records (Record Store)
    • The Original Levi’s store (Clothing Store)
  • Restored FILA (Shoe Rack) as a possible destination for customers, previously cut completely
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