Cubecat updated builds

I'll be posting updated builds of Cubecat here as I find fix various bugs- Heres the first-
changes and fixes:
-Fixed crash in entity system
-Fixed switch in level 2 that would not trigger to deactivate a laser wall
-Exposed dev option in system settings menu to revert back to sgl sphere frustum culling slCheckOnScreen()
(This option can reduce slowdown - at cost of some disappearing polygons around the screen edges)


  • newcube.7z
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Can you add a message about double jumping? I got stuck on the very first level X(

I also find the camera trigger buttons to be the opposite of what I expect. I don't play many 3d platformers so forgive me if that's standard.


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You could post it as a resource in the resource section? That lets you post updated builds, and keeps the old versions as historic builds. We could turn this into the discussion thread for it.