Different saturn versions and mod Qs

Hopefully I wont totally confuse you all with this buuut... I have two saturns, both US but one has the switch in the back to let me play imports games. The the first saturn I bought ( the one without the switch) I used the Pro Action Replay Plus to play Imports but for some reason it would not play MSHvsSF or D&D collections: shadows over mystara, but it would play everything else from XvsSF to RB special (thus I bought the second saturn, the one with the switch). Now here are the questions,

I have seen posts here talking about different Ver. of the Saturn What are they and what are the differences? And what do they mean as far as modding etc..

Can I mod the saturn without a switch so that it will play ANY GAME If so Where should I look for info on buying the stuff and actually getting it done?

And how difficult is it? I have never done any modding in my life, is it very hard to do?

Thanks a lot


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There are a number of things to be aware of when modding.

Only model 2 (round power/reset buttons) can be easily modded. Modchips for model 1 Saturns just aren't available these days. These units have a ribbon cable that has 21 pins. Model 1's have 20 pin ribbon cables. Modboards that claim to be 21/20 pin compatible only work with 21 pin Saturns. This is true 100% of the time with modboards brought from any of the common sources (Gamegizmo, Lan-Kwei, Lik-Sang).

There are two main versions of the model 2 Saturns, and one fairly uncommon version. The two common versions have either a 64 pin IC on the CD board, or a 32 pin IC. Of the two, the 32 pin units have the highest compatibility rate with modboards. There seems to be mounting evidence that only Gamegizmo modboards consistantly work with 64 pin units, although there are some exceptions to this rule.

A modboard does not circumvent country protection ever. You will never find one that does. The only way to do this is with a switch, with a device like the Pro Action Replay or by patching images of an import game to your region. This last method either requires you have a modboard, or you know how to do the swap trick. The utility to patch can be found in the "Help and Faqs" section to your left.

If you follow the "A+B" method (described in a sticky thread at the top of this page) modding is very easy. There are only two solder points to worry about - both are very accessible.

Feel free to ask any more questions...maybe I'll make this post sticky.
Wonderful! I appreciate it, thanks a lot. Now then, both of my saturns have the round power/reset buttons so they are both model 2 but how do I tell if they are 64 or 32 pin IC's? Just count them? Or does it not matter? Actually What is an IC? And Id like to try and add a switch to my saturn because the Pro Action Replay wont work with those 2 games <_< and Id rather not do the whole swap thing if at all possible.


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IC = Integrated Circuit = Chip = Little black rectangle or square with lots of short silver pins coming out of it.

OK, now that is clear, to identify which one you have you need to open up the Saturn. Look at the circuit board of the CD drive assembly (it should be the only visible circuit board). It will either look like this is it is a 32pin unit, or like this. If it looks like neither, then you are out of luck - you have the third type of Saturn without any ICs. Only one person has reported getting a modboard to work with this type of Saturn (Gamegizmo mod).

I know there are instructions for doing your own multi-region switch on the net, but I'm having a little trouble locating them. They generally require a fair knowledge of electonics and soldering to do correctly.


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Shadow over Mystara and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter both require a 4MB cart. I'm guessing your PAR is only 1MB.
Originally posted by mal@Feb 26, 2003 @ 02:40 PM

Shadow over Mystara and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter both require a 4MB cart. I'm guessing your PAR is only 1MB.

Thats the thing I dont understand, the replay is a 4 in 1 the "PAR Plus" and works fine with XvSF, D&D tower of Doom, Street Fighter collection and will work on pocket fighter when the option is given to use 4M or not?!?! Im pretty sure all of those games require the 4M to play. But again, thanks a lot for the info I wish I would have found this site a long time ago as it and its members are awesome (as far as I have seen so far). :cheers


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Tower of Doom - 1MB

Pocket Fighter - 1MB or 4MB

Street Fighter Collection - does it need a cart?

X Men vs Street Fighter - 4MB

Hmm... if it wasn't for X Men vs Street Fighter I'd say you had a 1MB cart.

I'm sorry, I don't know what the problem is.


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If you have the 4in1 card from ems, there were 2 different versions produced, the second works with the games that are 4mb and 1mb, the first tends to not work. You can make the first one work by performing a reletively simple mod to the 4in1 card which can be found at www.icedragon.com/mod in the saturn section. Having opened up both versions the only difference between the versions is that the board in the 4in1 card version 2 has the mod listed at icedragon built in