Do you prefer anime series or anime movies?


I've only really seen movies...

I've seen only one episode of Cowboy Bebop and I prefer the movie. *shrug*


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i dont think movies are long enough -- watch all the eps of a serries and its one long movie ;)

i like character developement and it s better haveing a characher go through many moments that endup changeing him/her -- instead of a what? OMG! im changed

i gues if you like a particular story its more enjoyable to see more of it

example super dimentional fortress macross - man i couldnt get enough of it


It really depends... both things are good, for example, series are indeed nice, because they are longer and such, but still, series tend to be more "light" than movies, take for example, The End of Evangelion, a movie I consider the best movie ever created, could have never been aired as a standard TV episode, of any series, it is just too much.