Does anyone play any Collectible Card Games?


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I used to play MTG. Before it started to get overwhelming. So many new cards! I couldn't have a decent type II deck for very long, so I could only really play type I. Anyway it got too expensive, so I just gradually stopped buying and playing. I still have a bunch of cards somewhere, I should check one of these days to see if I have anything valuable left.

I played someone's pokemon deck once, learned how to play it in about 10 seconds. Quickly decided that it should be labeled "6 and under". I've also played Illuminati before, but that game never took off and the cards weren't mine anyway.
I played MTG a few times with my friends' decks... i liked it ok... but it can get a little expensive, I agree...

I play Overpower now, online & free

MTG did that too... but you have to pay for that...