Dracula X

I burned this game, and it works flawlessly on my Magic Engine emulator, but when I try to run it on my Duo, it just shows the Konami screen, and then a black screen.

What the heck is goin on? Ive done some searching on google, and have found lots of tips to burn the game, and appearently, the game DID burn right, because the emu is running it great, but if the emu runs it.. how can it not run on the actual Turbo Duo?!
Think I answered this in another post you had, but Duo's do not play every backup. I've put a backup in one and it worked fine, then switched the same disc to another Duo, and it wouldn't work at all. Doesn't make a lot of sense, but thats how it is. Dracula X works fine in my Duo, so there you go.
Hey thanks for the info NFERNO, I appreciate it.

Its a weird thing, yep. Once or twice that good burn of DX hasnt worked on my Duo, but usually it works great. Again, *shrug*.

Ive used CDRWin for SegaCD, Saturn and PCE, and it works for all of them so far. I havent had too much trouble with games, except for friggin DX, lol and thats the reason i got a Duo in the first place! lol
You probably have a bad rip of the game. Somtimes with bad rips they work on Magic Engine as it not as picky as Duos and so swon't work on the Duo. Although I've also seen the opposite where they'll work on the Duo and not work in Magic Engine.