Dreamcast HELP

okay i just got a dreamcast and i have a couple three questions.

1) i downloaded a DivX movie and i converted it into an SFD file using SEGA Dreamcast Movie Creator. the problem is, my original avi file was 650 MB and now this SFD file is 900 MB!! what am i to do? i feel like i just wasted 15 hours of conversion time. is it because i set my frame rate too high? or the sound quality too high? or huh? i'm stuck and pissed and i don't know what to do. damn it.

2) I know I shouldn't ask questions about burning Dreamcast games.

3) every now and again, whenever there is a lot of white on the screen, the dreamcast will kind of make a weird sort of wave on the left hand side. it's like the video is about to just jump out of frame or something. is this a common problem? it happens on commercial games and burnt games.

thanks in advance, and sorry if these questions seem stupid. i'm just running out of patience and i don't know what else to do.


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3) Probably a problem with your TV or perhaps the cabling. I don't think it would be your DC.
doh... sorry

anyway.. um.. using the DivX player is what i'm trying to do, but the file size is 900MB. is there a way to compress it or do i need to re-convert it to make the file size smaller. (i.e. i can't burn a damn movie that's 900MB


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if I remember right, you have to make sure that the divx files is a certain resolution (or convert it) for it to work properly. I haven't done this myself, but I remember hearing it.

that's why I never used the divx player