Dreamcast Modem!


I'm in the uk and have a standard UK PAL Dreamcast. Now, my question is; what speed of modem do I have? There is now way in hell that it's a 56k modem. Is there anyway I can but a 56k? Browsing on the DC is so cool but ruined with its slow speed. Thanks
I think they're all 56k modems but I did hear of a 33.6k modem for the DC once... (Disclaimer: I may be wrong and completely full of it.)

You might be much happier with a broadband adapter
I don't think the difference between a 33.6 and a 56k (if the 33.6 indeed exists) is all that great.

That said you might just be getting poor connections and slow transfer rates on your phone line...
33.6k for UK people... Ah. Then that's probably exactly what I heard about.

I reckon you could get a 56k modem (from an NTSC Dreamcast?), but even so you'd have to have a 56k-capable ISP to dial into, and there's still the question of whether the modem supports the k56flex or the v.90 protocol (or was it x2... man, my memory is going downhill these days)... I wish I could be of more help and less confusion...

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33.6k for UK people... Ah. Then that's probably exactly what I heard about.

Errmm... actually you probably heard about it when the DC was released in Japan, with a 33.6. US DCs got a 56k, which im sure is a v90.
the browser for the dc generally is slower anyway, so it isnt just your modem thats the problem

when it originally came out that this was the case i remember something about being able to force the modem to 56k using the at codes page, but i cant find any sort of info on it now
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It's a reference to one of your posts from earlier that day. Doesn't make much sense out of context.
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I'm afraid broadband isn't available in my area (the entire Scotland actually). I read an article saying the we UK people got 33.6k modems, just wondering if it was true. Also, my PC connects to the internet very well so my phone line is fine

Link to the page i read.

well thats just untrue, scotland is the highest broadband enabled area in the UK just the rural areas of scotland dont have it.

but indepentment companys are opening up in the highlands to provide it.
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