dreamcast reset help


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hi guys, i have a problem with my dc.

i checked the posts and no-one seems to have this problem.

my dc will reset itself when loading games after booting to the start up menu.

1) i pushed the pins on the motherboard toward the psu, cleaned out the system. and cleaned the laser.

2) my battery is fine when charged. volts read @1.5 and charging.

3) i also reset the system clock, and did the controller b reset without any luck.

4) my system appears to lag when exiting the system screen and back into the main screen.

5) some times the screen flashes and dreamcast appears in black. other times it just sits there.

is there a way restore the system back to factory?

thanks in advance, sorry for the long post


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That sounds more serious than the usual power supply problems. I don't think there's any simple way to diagnose it.


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i have three other dc's to switch parts from narrow down the problem.

i really don't want to take apart my treamcast, so i'll swap parts from the others.

on a side note: anyone know what some of the codes mean on the underside label? the one that doesn't seem to work has this:

manufactured: april

2000 sd

what does the "sd" mean?