Drivers Linux Compaq Notebook

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me where to get drivers for linux to the Notebook Compaq Presario 1500???

I've heard that the latest Mandrake version does bring all the recent notebook's drivers since 3 months ago! Well my laptop has 9 months!

Is this true? :looney


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Two questions:

- What particular components are you looking for drivers for? Video? Audio? Network? Modem?

- If you're running a Linux system already, what does the program "lspci" (if you have it, it's probably part of a "pcitools" package if it doesn't come installed) output on that system?
Yes I'm looking for Video Audio Network and Modem... I don't think I need more...

I don't have installed it yet... cause I'm afraid to install it in my laptop.


Well, I've never heard any Linux distro claim that they support all laptops, but you should be able to make it work. You just have to write down all of the hardware that your machine has. You should be able to configure X, the sound, CD/DVD burning, and USB. I don't know about FireWire, since I don't have it in any of my equipment.

You linux install *should* be straightforward, but be prepared for the possiblility of making a custom kernel. Also, the biggest snag for you (as it has been for me) could be configuring X to work with your LCD screen.