Dumping Roms

yes this is true
mask of destiny who made this is 100% legit :agree
Looks like its simple enough to try, when i get another megadrive i'll make a point of trying it and posting the results
One of my friends tested it out and it does work. Very buggy, and he had to try it 3 or 4 times before it would put out a good rom.
sounds more like the cable is too long or something. I did a bunch of dumps with it and they all turned out identical/good.
This wire seems to work for me (thou I can't do the send message test thingy), I can also dump 32x games aswell (only dumped Star Wars Arcade & Virtua Racing Deluxe)
Originally posted by maidtina@Jul 6, 2003 @ 01:19 PM

Looks like its simple enough to try, when i get another megadrive i'll make a point of trying it and posting the results

just what i was thinking.....but would it work in reverse.....using a RAM cart and uploading a genesis rom to the empty cart? :unsure:
in theory yes, but it's slow and building a ram cart is gonna cost you. easier to just go for the tototek cart.
You could build a writeable cart using Flash ROMS. You can get 512K x 8 chips in a DIP package for about $8 or so each, but you might have to etch your own PCB. I haven't seen any 16-bit wide Flash ROMs in DIP and there aren't a lot of Genesis carts that used 2 8-bit ROMs. Someone was working on a flash cart that's writeable from a Sega CD. I don't know if they've gotten it working yet though.
Nice,any one documented this before? I might order some flash roms next time I'm ordering some components,and try this out but a tutorial or at least info would be nice....also a sega cd is required to run the software right? I don't have one..
"much more cost effective than the tototek flasher" eh.. no.

64 mbit 16 bit flashroms cost A LOT, and they're usually in TSOP format.. which is pretty much impossible to solder by hand, so you'd need to get a PCB etched. all in all the parts will cost you as much or more as tototek's flasher, and the work time isn't even included yet.
Maybe not but why would I need a 64mbit flashrom in the first place? I'm not trying to get something cheaper than that but the same product,all I would need would be one normal size cart in flashrom for apparently $8 US,and you could probably get these socketed as well(I haven't checked),or solder them straight onto the board where the original ICs were,(again I havent checked so I can't say how exactly how it works).As for cost it smspower broke it down to about 13 UK pounds which is about 30 Australian dollars and about 20 or so Us dollars.Of course the genesis one would be a fair bit more than a sms one but Id say its a shitload cheaper than the tototek flasher which is around 100 US if i'm not mistaken? I could buy a lot of stuff for that,and I could play all these games on an emulator.It was just an idea thats all,and yeah I probably won't end up doing...particularly if i have to etch a pcb,and the fact I would probably need a sega cd just to flash it unless I make a programmer ( which is when the costs would start to get too high)...but as a cheap rewritable cart on its own it would be a lot cheaper than a fullblown flasher.