not the same thing as the genensis cart right?

i guess the progression of dune goes something like this

the movie was good (directed by david lynch after all)

but not as good as the books

the game (dune 2 for the genesis is what i'm thinking of)

was good, but not as good as the movie

the sci fi channel's new dune series was good, but not as good as the video game
I'm a big fan of the whole Dune universe. Although I'm into the novels more than anything (the preludes were great), the games have been above average. The original game published by Virgin (by Westwood?) was great for the time IMO. A good mix of strategy and adventuring. The Sega CD version has lots of speech, and the voice acting is... well... pretty good, in comparison to some of the more recent game efforts.

Emperor Battle for Dune (PC) is my favourite of the series, although I remember playing Dune II on PC and Megadrive an aweful lot.
if dune for the sega cd was anything like the one for the pc than this game is awsome

if your a fan of the novels i think youll like this i liked it alot

its not like the movie (david lynch) but clips are taken from it and put in the game

dune 2 was just a strategy (C&C) game totaly diferent

also i thought the scifi channel sucked monkey crap - the diologue was nothing like it was in the books - which is something the david lynch movie had