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Okay, I just sold an item and the buyer can not pay. We have spoken through email and I can understand his situation, I do have sympathy for people who come on unexpected set backs. So he can no longer afford the item (it came to a 155 dollar) SO... this is the first time I have received a non payment, and on top of it I want to leave it be, not make some hoop la about it on ebay because I don't mind under the circumstances... shit I was actually upset the item sold so cheap so it kinda works out for both of us.

How can I settle this without giving him a bad rap on ebay?
just go to your "sold Items" section in My eBay... look for the auction and select "relist" from the drop down menu beside it. If you item sells the second time you may not get charged for listing twice... check up the ebay regulations for more accurate info.


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I did that, it still charged me for both of them... whatever, I expected that, and the kid happily paid the firsts fees it was like 6 bucks.
I've had this happen a few times. I always make them pay the listing fees. If they do not, I report them to ebay, and they give a partial refund for the fees if I remember correctly, and it stays on the buyer's record on ebay. I think after 3 times, they'll be suspended from ebay. More, and their account gets cancelled.
Just so you know, there's an easy way to do it without even having to ask them to pay the fees. Just file with ebay a Mutual Bid Cancellation, which states the two of you mutually agreed to not continue, and therefore you get ur money back, and no strikes are left. You can even still leave feedback.


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Thanks Prot... thats what I was hoping for!!!! Just did that, hopefully I get that credit!

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Okay now, I ordered these of eBay a couple weeks ago.

First, I'm upset that it says 3 - 5 days shipping, when it took over two weeks! I paid $6, not $2. (Shipping from Houston, Texas).

Secondly, it didn't come as shown or described (Discs only. The picture shows the case. It doesn't say in the auction about disc only.), and I want my money back. Since it's an "eBay Store" I should be able to get it back right?

What can I do?
Watch out for anyone selling anime dvds as all-code region free. While there may be some commercial releases like that, most are dvd-r or asian bootlegs. EBAY is rampant with them. In the auction, it doesn't say that it includes the case, and if you check out their feedback, you'll see that there are a few complaints about that seller not including the case, and even one about the root menu skipping, which is one of the signs of it not being a legit release.

As far as what you can do, probably not much about just wanting the case, but email the seller and tell him your complaint. If that does not help, if you paid by paypal, file a complaint on both ebay and paypal, stating that the item is an illegal asian bootleg and the seller did not state that is what it was. It'll be hit or miss, but if paypal says you should get a refund, they'll most likely request that you sent the item(s) back to the seller, and get a tracking number with it. Provide that tracking number to paypal, and then hope everything goes well.


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Hey were they bootleg too????

My friend actually bought from that guy about a month ago and got a bootleg from him. he was pissed. Well I think it was him.

You'll have to work it out between the two of you through email and the sort. If he does listen file a complaint and give him negative feedback.