Emergency Fire Sale

I've ran into a big string of bad luck, so I'm offering up some of my more prized (to me) possessions for sale. I'm only moderatly involved in the scene, so I'm not 100% sure of prices, so understand that everythign offered here is negotiable to some degree. I do need a quick response though (Rent was due today) I don't have much feedback on ebay, but it is all positive, if you need any confirmation of my trustworthiness (I'm bob_ghengis_khan)

Stuff for sale:


Pioneer Laseractive Videogame system with Sega genesis pac (S-10)

System includes the remote, plus the following cartridge games (all are loose but functional) No cd of ld games are included, the system will play backups, but once again none are included.

Shining in the darkness

Shining Force 1

Shining Force 2



Sword of Vermillion

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Knuckles

Phantasy Star 2

Golden Axe 2


The Immortal


Since I'm tossing in all my remaining games, I'm upping the asking price a bit, to $175. Probably because I'm desperate, go figure. (This is the same unit I offered earlier on the board)

Sega Saturn system, I think it's model one, not certain, includes all hookups and one controller (It's got a 64 pin chip in it, which prevented me from modding it)


Turbographix 16 system, all hookups no games $15


Not sure if I've got much else to offer, will dig through my stuff..I know i've got a JVC x'eye system, but it's kinda beat up, and I'm not sure what to ask for it...

Hopefully I've not been too insane about this, hope I can get things all together, thanks for taking the time to read this :)
I'd like to add that the prices are somewhat negotiable..I do need to get money together quickly...I don't want to just give this stuff away, but I'm willing to negotiate. (I'm hoping I didn't ask prices that were too unresonable.)


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Damn, you're selling the TG16 with no games. You gotta at least include Keith Courage as it was the pack-in title! ;) I'm VERY interested in the TG16 (ONLY $15!!!!! :drool: ) Perhaps you'd be willing to take a couple games away from the Turbo Duo package (like Keith Courage).

Edit: WHOA! SPLATTERHOUSE!!!!! GIMME! I'll send you a quick PM.
Originally posted by Protosstic@Oct 9, 2003 @ 09:04 PM

20 Shipped for the Saturn?

Are you joking? That's basically giving it to you for free. Shipping isn't worth $1.00 you know? $25 is an excellent deal for the Saturn. Go to eBay and you may end up paying $45+ w/o shipping!
Originally posted by Lyzel+Oct 9, 2003 @ 10:48 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Lyzel @ Oct 9, 2003 @ 10:48 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'> <!--QuoteBegin-Protosstic@Oct 9, 2003 @ 09:04 PM

20 Shipped for the Saturn?

Are you joking? That's basically giving it to you for free. Shipping isn't worth $1.00 you know? $25 is an excellent deal for the Saturn. Go to eBay and you may end up paying $45+ w/o shipping! [/b][/quote]

Very much so. Actually, If it is a model 2, i will pay 25 for it. Let me know


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I'll take the X'Eye if you find it.

I don't know what to offer either, so maybe some nice person here could make a suggestion. *hint hint*

If it's beat up but still works, I'm still interested.
Thanks for folks having interest here, I've tried to reply to messages sent, but i'm sending out a general message that things have been insane in my life, which is why i've not been very quick about getting back to folks. I'm having an especially tough time with paypal, a customer form ebay charged back his payment for an item he already recieved (To be fair,t he item was very late getting to him, but at this point, it's in his hands, and I want my money.) Thing are looking like they'll be resolved peacefully there, and hopefully i can go back to normal behaviour :)
Maybe he couldn't pay the electric bill. :>

I want to buy the Pioneer Laseractive Videogame system with Sega genesis pac (S-10), so either check your email or send me an email.
Again, sorry folks..I've had the life from hell lately, including finally getting a job, only to lose said job two days later. I've replied to most involved, will try and get the rest of the replies sent off once I get thigns settled
Thanks Ratfish, hopefully things do go well...I would like to add that things are getting to zero hour, so if there's any interest in the things I have posted, now is the time. I wish I ahd more to sell, but I'm not sure what even to put up on here...I don't have much else in the area of rare games and the like.
Hey, Schnookums!

I want that Laser Active system!

I've been dying to play a game called "Triad Stone" for it.

Either answer the email I sent you or mail me at devante992@hotmail.com.

By the way, Triad Stone has a Saturn port called "Strahl" if anyone has it.

I'd buy that, too.
Just to let folks know, myinternet was cut off,along with email, I'm using a friends computer to type this. So at this point, any replies to me need to be through PM hereuntil I get back online. Sorry for the inconvienence.