Everyone that cares about neo cds respond...

Like I said, If you really care about the Neo Geo CDs PLEASE respond to this topic with your opinions and or facts I dont care either way, I need to know what you think....

First off Id like to say thanks to the people in the Turbo Grafx 16 section I have decided to keep all of my future DUO releases private and only the very few will get them, Im not trying to piss anyone off I just dont like being called a thief...

Now this is where you guys here in the Neo-Geo CD section come in.

I NEED to know right now if there has been anyone else out there that has allready released the Neo-Geo CDs in Perfect Bin/Cue format,... IF there is someone that HAS DONE IT there is no need for me to take my time in releasing all mine and then getting accused of stealing someone else relases putting them up as my own.....I dont have enough time in the world for anything like that again....

BUT if nobody has released them yet I will do so...and YES I will keep my .nfo files the way they were last time ( Just like Kalisto's .nfo files, the "GODS" of gaming IMO)....so it looks more professional and you get more information out of them compared to what I could possibly think up. :p

So tell me now, Anyones opinion about the NeoGeoCDs are totally welcome....let me know whats up....I dont know about every webpage out there, maby some of you do. :)

What games should I avoid releasing??



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You should probably check out NGXtreme (as soon as it's back up anyway). There are a number of folks interested in NGCD there who have done some rips and cracks. It's not nearly as organized as RIGG, but it's probably worth investigating.
see thats just the thing....I can release Every game I have for the NeoGeoCD to play on the systems with no problems at all....I have FULLY figured out the methods of Protection the NeoGeo CD(Z) uses... Now I only need to know what games people are looking for, I have approx. 1/2 or 2/3 of the NeoGeoCDs and they ALL work perfect on my NeoGeoCDZ system.....I plan on buying EVERY NeoGeoCD and getting them ALL cracked for Everyone....Bin/Cue (CDR-Win) of coarse.... So comeon people speak up!! Theres gotta be some games for this outstanding system that havent been released yet that you would like to play...... ;) And thanks for the info. ExCyber, I hope thier site will return soon....I do know of NeoGeo Team 2000 but ALL of thier releases were ISO/MP3 and didnt work well on the home systems if at all on the CDZ system.....Thats why I want to know what people want.....This system has some AMAZING games....
hmm.. but neogeo cd is not a "dead" system yet. Unlike Sega CD and Saturn, games are still being made for the system and people still pay $!$!$ for the games. so...is that okay with admin;s and ppl? (i personally have no prob)


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Erm... I think you're mistaken. Games (though few) are still being made for MVS and AES, but AFAIK there hasn't been a new CD release in a while (since KOF '99 I think). There were rumors that Garou was going to be ported, but the possibility of that probably died with SNK.
Yep.Neo Geo CD got cut off by SNK.Now the "new" SNK will bring the new SNK games out on PC.With better animations and a couple of other stuff..
come now guys , we all know SNK is dead, at least the good old SNK we all know, the LAST NeoGeoCD IS KOF99....there isnt even a Metal Slug X NeoGeoCD nor 3 shall we continue. :p LOL It (CD System) DIED in 1999.....SNK wont make anymore games for it so its dead.....Just as dead as Saturn!! Sad but true....I love my SNK products and paid $$ for them all and if you like the downloads and you are and honest person with heavy $$ in your pocket I Urge you to BUY it instead...You get more of an experience....but not everyone has the $$ for SNKs Ultimate Experience so downloading is the only option, and now since I cracked all protection schemes wouldnt it be nice to play all your backups on the systems......Just like the Origonals with no BS to worry about, and you STILL get the entire game to play on the ACTUAL system, not just Emulators..... Emus dont play all games perfectly like the systems....and the systems of NeoGeoCDs have protection schemes....If ya BUY the system youll truely appreciate what Im doing here. :) I guarantee you...

And lets not even go there saying just buy all the Home Console games then if you like SNK soo much....Ive allready done that PLUS ALL MVS games and an Arcade machine.....So believe me Im a BIG SNK fan.... If anyone in here should be against giving away the bin/cue cracked and fully playable on the home systems it should be me. ;) hehehehe I wouldnt EVER do it IF they still made games for it, I would make you go and buy them..... :) Just like me. hehehe
they are quite big in size for most of them, but if you have adsl or something like that, it sould be easy to get...they are ususally about 400 megs in size each...


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I've been debating getting a Neo Geo CD so I can get my grubby mitts of Samurai Shodown RPG, even if it is in Japanese. FAKK, if you know the ins and out of all the Neo CD security stuff do you think you'd know how you'd be able to rip the game, patch it then burn? I know it's easy enough on Saturn and whatever but I dunno about this. It's just there's a translation group working on SSRPG right now but they say they wouldn't know how to do the patch and invited input. I can go hunt it down if you want..
If there is a translation patch for Samurai Spirits RPG let me know where to get it....that would be awesome to play.
What kind of patch is it? PPF? and if you read my tutorial its easy to crack SSRPG...


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Like I said they're starting to work on it (maybe just transcripting or something). The same group brought out a patch for Violinist of Hamelin on the SNES which was pretty amazing. You gotta love the internet. I'll go see if I can find where I saw it and get report back.
hehehe sorry to kill your fun dude, but they must be joking around, there isnt even 1% english translation yet...hahaha god how sorry....oh well when someone really does it let me know.....SSRPG would be killer in English, I guess I just need to use the english walkthrough still as nobody is serious about it yet.


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Did you email them or something? It says 10% complete, I know they're mucking around with the screenshots or whatever. They'll never get anywhere unless someone with the knowhow gets their finger out and helps them. Check out the other translations them did, they are a pretty dedicated group.
honestly, if they do release any kind of english patches, and if they are actually translating the game to english, they shouldnt have a hard time as the full english walkthrough is on the net for that game (somewhere, I cant remember where so dont ask as I dont play this game anyways) plus how can they even translate the game text if they dont know how to execute the patch on it? I think somethings fishy here....If they were serious about it, they could probablly finish the job in 3-4 months of hard ass work.....but who knows as I dont speak Japanese and think the games really boring in Japanese even with the walkthrough....so if they have 10% english patched...Wheres the patch??? They have NO downloads....but they got some really neato pics of what theyve done so far...ie. Help, Ive fallen and cant get it up!! Im sure there a really dedicated group
hehehe good luck to them.
Ok I went there ...so where are thier english translated neo geo cd games or roms?? It seems all they translate is snes , nes , wonderswan , and other stuff...but no neo geo english translations...thats cool though, at least thier working on it....How long has it been at the %10 completed stage? I think I saw that page a long time ago, and it said the same thing I believe...if they do actually do it, Ill gladly eat my words but Im saying this now....I dont think it will ever be 100% complete english translated...SNK didnt even want to attempt it. lol Of course they would need to perfect thier horrible engrish first, and thats an impossibility...so this team translating it, is most likely our only hope.....I wish them luck....now I just wish someone would release some english patches for japanese turbo duo cd games...that would be nice.
I have seen NGCD files on other servers before but I am not sure how reliable those are. Anyway yeah, NGCD would be a nice expansion. As a sidenote however, there was a post at RIGG a few months ago from an OP interested in sharing his NGCD stuff. Don't know if that makes a difference or not.