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F-Zero Arrange (1992)

Discussion in 'Nintendo Music' started by striker_vbulletin3_import16173, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A great OST brought to you by striker

    Track Listing:

    1) Opening Theme 4:20 
    2) Big Blue 4:03 
    3) Red Canyon 4:11 
    4) Fire Field 4:15 
    5) Silence 4:34 
    6) White Land 4:22 
    7) Port Town 4:40 
    8) Select Time Theme 3:42 
    9) Mute City 4:24 
    10) Sand Ocean 4:39 
    11) Death Wind 3:31 
    12) Ending Theme 5:05 
    Size: ~79 MB

    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2
  2. Beast

    Beast New Member

    Thank you so much, I have been looking for this a long time!
  3. Beast

    Beast New Member

    But Dude, where can I find the ORIGINAL, not remixed, the ORIGINAL SNES Soundtrack for F-ZERO! I have been looking for like a million years :x
    I am getting skeptical thinking about if there is even an ORIGINAL soundtrack! Argh!!! I shouldn't be saying this, but that THE WORST REMIX OF A GAME EVER MADE! It was SO bad sounding campared to the ORIGINAL soundtrack. No offense if you like it :D

    With Love and Thanks, Beast.
  4. PlasmaDavid

    PlasmaDavid New Member

    You mean the awesome electric guitar screeching awesome one? Nah it's.... awesome : )
  5. Altarium

    Altarium New Member

    apparently you have a hard time grasping the concept of "jazz" ;)
  6. Morejatroid

    Morejatroid New Member

    I don't Think so. i like this Soundtrack...maybe more tha the original
  7. Thank you I'm a big fan of the original snes music so some arranged music will be good :)
  8. MemphiS

    MemphiS New Member

    LOL! i have a f-zero theme as a ringtone for my cellphone :) its so funny when people turn around when they hear it and ask me which game melody that is. keep up the good work man. just fantastic to have'em to collection

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