Finally its voting!

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Well, vote on your favorite. You can get all entries here: Saturn Coding Contest Remember, count in all aspects when voting. Tell me if somethings is wrong in the entries. (newer versions or such). All of you have done a very nice job! May the best coder win!

Closed Untill the cd is done. - IceMan2k
Darn! I missed one, and it seems I can´t edit polls. :( Well, if you want to vote for

Reinharts Sonic Steals A Ring entry, please add a message. Im really sorry for this. Perhaps some of the admins can add it to the poll.
nescphp's demo download link is broken or not working.

I wonder how they could vote without beeing able to download it? :huh

Maybe they tested it earlier.
My link is corrupted, and you have a screenshot of version .90. The one I submitted for the contest was version 2.00?

Also, I thought we were waiting for a cd containing all of the contest entries before voting would start? Unless I missed something...
Originally posted by vincent_berthelot@Sep 20, 2003 @ 07:11 PM

hey crazycars2, you impostor !!!


*I* did the programming of that game !!

go back to school, you laMer !!! :flamethrower:


Who is that ... guy who took my real name ??? :angry: :angry: :angry:

More over he didn't choose my prog :angry: :angry: :angry:
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