Fitting a 50/60hz switch to a 1995 model PAL SNES - *grumble

Considering the last console blew up, I went and found myself another PAL SNES... and it's one of the new, annoying ones. It's a 1995 model machine labelled 'SNSP-CPU-1CHIP-01' on the board. Instead of the myriad of little chips, this one's kind enough to plonk a chunky 160 pin chip labelled:

6GX 88

where the PPUs used to be. I also noticed another chip (24 pins) labelled:

S 9628 BA

on the other side of the cart slot.

So basically, how on earth do I add a 50/60hz switch to this annoying thing? And does the S-RGB chip mean I can get S-Video out of this console? **Any** help would be appreciated...