Free Gamepro subscription


Mid Boss
For any of you that is interested, I got this email from gamespy. Use this link to get a free 1 year subscription to Gamepro.
The notice at the bottom of the page wasn't there earlier today, when the link was posted on several European forums. Silly Gamespy...
Well, since a certain insurance company is taking their sweet time in paying me off, I can't afford to renew my EGM subscription. Gamepro will have to hold back the tide until then.
If it sucks, you can complain. If your internet access was free, but you got disconnected everytime you downloaded more than 500KB, wouldn't you complain?
Sure you would complain but what were you expecting for free? That connection is better then none at all.

Whats that saying? In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.
*shakes fist*

I'd have gotten so many free mags now if it weren't for that damn U.S. only thing. Peeves me the feck off :damn: Maybe I can start a war with the states, then you can invade and take over and then voila, free stuff :)

Alaska is farther than Alberta you damn magazine chumps! :smash

It's not as bad at my free PSM sub.

That magazine is a fanboy fest. They only write their big articles on dumb games and have small features on games like VF4 Evo.

Gamepro ain't too bad. I get most of my news off the net anyway. I just need a cheap supliment w/ pretty pictures :)
yeah PSM is gay, I used to read that mag, but I would rather not. I haven't read gamepro in like 10 years, but I don't remember them being to biased.
Its funny, Right when i renewed my DC mag subscription for 2 years, the cancled the DC mag. So they sent me 2 years of PSM. Racket boy is right, worst fanboy mag ever. Xbox mag was like that at first also, giving high scores to terrible games. But now PSM has gone down hill.
Another gripe about my PSM mag. I pay for the mag however, subscribers don't get all the cool stuff that people buying off the stands do. No posters, cds, stickers, nada! That really puts my jewels in a vice grip! :damn:
IMO, Next Generation was the only gaming magazine worth reading. When they closed their doors and the remainder of my subscription got sha^Hifted to PSM, you bet your ass I took them up on the offer to send me a check for seven bucks or whatever the prorated value was...
I've subscribed to to PSM for five years now. It's not all that bad. Sure it IS a PlayStation magazine, dedicated to one ofthe greatest consoles ever (PSX) and the absolute worst console ever (PoS2). But it's by no means a fanboy magazine. Well... somewhat. Reading some of my back issues, many of the staff own DCs, and were (not too sure about ARE) PSO and NFL 2K Addicts (that is until Madden 2001 came out on PoS2). Yeah, they've gotten a bit more fanboyish ever since the demise of the DC, but I still like 'em. The Smart Bomb strip in every issue is the best part of the mag! :D

Now, if you want a fanboy mag, read Official US PlayStation Magazine. I subscribe to it as well. I like how it's design is similar to EGMs. That and the demo discs are great too.