FS: Japanese Megadrive games, modded saturn, more!

shipping/handling is $6 (thanks to paypal's fees...) (per (Megadrive/Mark-iii) game in the US. Out of the country $12 or so should do it! Payment is accepted by PayPal and on circumstance money orders

my mail & paypal is: gchiasson@NOSPAMmail.com (remove the "NOSPAM")

I also have eBay feedback under the same handle Kyuusaku

Prices shown, but I will accept the best offer!

Will combine shipping if you would like more than one item!

note: I'm a perfectionist.. so you might think my items are in better condition than I, I just don't want unhappy buyers.

Pictures are available on request! just mail me

Heres whats for sale: :smash

Japanese Mark-III (Japanese Master System):

$40 - Phantasy Star (VERY good condition! especially for such an old game) Tested working on a Sega Mark-III

Japanese Megadrive:

Note: Please consider buying the whole set for $220! + $25 s/h, thats $50 off buying them individually!

$15 - Alex Kidd (excellent condition, very few creases on the manual and scratches on the cartridge, the case is in good condition too!)

$15 - Osomatsu-Kun (excellent condition, very few creases on the manual and scratches on the cartridge, the case is in good condition too!)

$15 - Sonic the Hedgehog (complete in excellent condition, the manual has some little scratches and so does the cart, but all carts have those scratches from inserting games into the system.)

$15 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (complete in excellent condition, this time the manual is pretty perfect)

$20 -Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (complete in excellent condition, some bending on the bottom of its manual, still like new though!)

$15 -Phantasy Star II (very good condition, this game is boxed without a manual, some hairline scratches on the actual cartridge)

$15 - Phantasy Star III (loose with manual and poster, has some wear on the cartridge's label and the standard scratches, also some wear / creases on the manual and poster)

$25 - Sonic 3 (complete / super mint! very few cart scratches and comes with game previews! slightly better condition than the other one)

$20 - Super Shinobi II, the (complete / like new, asian region?, has some pinkish speckles on the manual i don't know if its part of the picture or not..)

$10 - Shining Force (loose with manual, pretty good condition, shows some signs of wear with some faint scratches, asian region?)

$10 - Shining and the Darkness (boxed without manual in very good condition, the outter case jacket thing has a price tag on it & it shows some dirt)

$20 - Crude Buster (complete, in good condition, the manual and inner case jacket seem to have some sort of wavyness the inner cover has some signs of a price tag, small price to pay for such a rare game!

$5 - Puyo Puyo (loose all by itself, in used decent condition)

$10 - Ring Side Angel Cutey Suzuki (complete / super mint besides a few creases on the instruction manual with [limited edition?] hologram cover)

$20 - Kujakuoh 2 (Peacock King) (complete / extremely mint condition like new!)

$5 - Pit Fighter (loose all by itself, in decent used condition)

$15 - Strider Hiryu (complete, in mint condition, outter case has some tears in the plastic, will be perfect you replace this with another game's)

$20 -Landstalker (complete, really mint, a manual crease)

PS what I mean by scratches is visible hairline scratches, not gashes, nothing other than absolutely minor wear and tear
just so you know you will never sell that saturn for that price here. these people basically look for hand outs around here


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Whether people are looking for handouts or not, a modded Saturn is not worth $150.

Pearl Jammzz

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agreed, if it is just a modded sat (w/ no country switch) and a 5-in-1 PAR.....I bet you might be able to et around 80 or so, 100 even if u are lucky.
Well besides the saturn, are any of you interested in the other games? There doesn't seem to be any "high-rollers" here

Pearl Jammzz

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it's not that there are no "high-rollers" here it's just that ppl know how much it is worth, and also the fact that most ppl here have one already....sum 2-3 of em.