FS: saturn modchip/segacd/32x stuff

Hi guys, been a while since i've been here.

I'm getting rid of all of my extra stuff.

I've got a Saturn modchip, purchased from Iceman2k way way back in the day. Comes with ribbon cable. I bought 2, this one was my backup in case the first one failed. It hasn't, and I feel I no longer need this one.

$20 bucks plus shipping. (about 2-4 bucks)

I also have 3 segacd units, one Model one, and 2 model 2 units.

The model 1 works, but clicks a lot. Don't know why.

The model 2's wok perfect.

I also have a working 32x unit.

I honestly have no idea what the segacd's or 32x units are going for these days. If anyone can help me set pricing, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

I also have a decent collection of segacd, 32x, and saturn games. If there's any interest, i'll go through them and post them. Below i'll list a few off the top of my head.

Phantasy star 4 for Genesis. Cart only. (unless I find the box and manual, haven't been able to find them since I moved)

$10 plus shipping

Landstalker for Genesis. Cart only. (again, unless I can find the boc and manual)

$8 plus shipping

Metal Slug Saturn import.

Used, has a few light scratches, and price reflects such. Game works perfect, I just played through it start to finifh to verify it worked perfect.

$25 plus shipping

Sailor Moon Super S Saturn Import.

Used, and Mint from what I remember.

$20 plus shipping.

Tilk Saturn import.

Open, but never played. Mint.

$15 plus shipping.

Anearth Fantasy Stories Saturn import

Opened, but never played. Mint.

$15 plus shipping.

Night Into Dreams Saturn US with 3d controller.

Used, disc has a few scratches. Light. No skipping. Price reflects such.

Controller works perfect.

2 Nights into Dreams jewel cases. (so you get an extra jewel case)

$35 plus shipping.

I have plenty more, and as I said, if there's interest, i'll go through them all.

If I am WAY off on my pricing, please let me know. I'd appreciate it. I went by ebay prices. (and lowered my asking price from there)

I can provide many many references if need be. Ebay ID is tomvproductions 100% positive feedback.

Post, PM or email if interested. Thanks.