Game Cases & Instructions...


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Game Cases & Instructions...

Yo, I gotta slew of Genny games that have no cases or instruction booklets. I really wanna get the cases and instructions for these games. I only know of Used, but their prices are way too damn expensive to mere cases and instruction booklets. Anyone know of any other places?


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Game Cases & Instructions...

i have to add my typical answer ---- eBay

I've seen lots of like 10 or so cases/instructions before in addition to individuals.

Prices can vary.
Game Cases & Instructions...

Has quick and dirty manuals. It's not the real, full manuals. But they're sufficient to get you to play the game if you can't figure out the controls of display.

If you search the web enough, sometimes you can find scans of real manuals. I'd like to create a database of these someday. If there already is one, then please point me to it

Unfortunately I'm not much help if you're only looking for snail-manuals. However, as was previously mentioned, I have seen people on e-bay with auctions for 2 out of a collection of 150 manuals (like, if you win, you get to pick any two of the remaining manuals).

I had a strange story with boxes. I was at a used VG place in Champaign-IL, and they had most of their games in boxes on shelves that you could browse through. I bought a couple games, and paid a little more than I wanted because I thought I was getting the box with it. But when I brought the box up, they kept the box and only sold me the cartridge. They explained that they save the boxes so they have something to display. I was disappointed, but I couldn't argue.