GameBoy Advance +Afterburner + 128m F2A

I am selling my 3 month old Platinum GameBoy Advance with Afterburner backlit (fitted by

Supplied is a 128m Flash2Advance card which you can put onto around 3 good sized games, wipe it clean and add new ones that you get.

The F2A comes with it's data cable which connects to your PC and the transfer software.

I know I shouldn't sell copied games and I'm lucky I'm not being banned

I have a rechargeable battery pack for the GBA which I can add the the rest but you will need to add your own power pack as mine snapped. (3v DC in) which can be easier purchased from Ebay.

I am looking for around £120 o.n.o and is applied to people in the UK please.

For more info or interested please leave me a message or email me.



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ok that's cool

I've shipped stuff to the UK (from the US) and it wasn't too bad.

How much is your price in US$s?

Damn I'd be interested in that as I sold my GBA and have regretted it since and I hate the new look GBASP other than the fact it has a light, but since your has an afterburner I'd much prefer the old style.

Unfortunately I'm skint, got a big night out tomorrow celebrating my 21st and another friends 21st so will be even poorer come sunday.

Don't suppose your after a GameCube and some games

Seriously though I'll definitely buy that if you still havn't sold it in 3 weeks (when I get back to work after holidays).