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I had gotten to wondering what LaMothe was working on... didn't expect this by a long shot.

edit: bwahahahaha, that IRC log is priceless

[AlexV] Actually, I had a quick question of my own, Andre':

[AlexV] What are the possibilities with interfacing the XGS with a Furby for the purpose of committing unspeakable atrocities?

[NecRoN] I think this is a possibility...

I think this looks pretty damned good for students looking into programming games. I'm certainly going to be looking into i think, if the price isnt too bad i'll buy one


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It's less about the programming (it's been noted multiple times in the forums by the main guys involved that if you just want to program a classic architecture style, GBA is an excellent target with lots of tools and documentation) than about the principle of having a complete understanding of the platform. Basically it's about reviving the oldschool sense of "ugly" (by modern standards) tricks that make it possible to do amazing things in a limited architecture. The book takes you layer-by-layer through the architecture so that by the time you're done you hopefully have a level of understanding similar to the person who designed the system, and can go about making your own additions/hacks and swapping them among the XGS community. Basically Andre is drawing on his experience in facilitating self-learning to create a new generation of oldschool hardware hackers.

As for the price, nothing is set in stone but $100US is the target price.

edit: and when I say nothing is set in stone, that applies to a lot of the specs too... Andre still hasn't made a 100% decision on the CPU, or the feature set of the GPU, for example.
Could you please lead me to the GBA development sites that are decent? I'm very interested in taking a look at them.