GBA SP (or something else) for 2x Neo geo pocket c

Well I've done trades before on here, dcemulation, gametz and consoelvision.. and if we do get a trade going I can get fellow respected members on almost all the sites to vouch for me.

Anyways to the item.... I got:

-2 Neo geo pocket colors, 1 is new in box (truly mint , my backup NGPC in case my play one ever broke), the other is in good/very good condition (the one I used to play, but always careful with it)

-SNK vs Capcom: Match of the millenium (mint/complete, compatible with dreamcast games like KOF/Snk vs capcom with the DC/NGPC cable for transferring data).

-link cable (never used it, just got it to complete the collection)

Some information:

its got 40 hour battery life on 2 AA batteries, great refresh rate, 146 simultaneous color ouput and a pallete of 4000+ colors. Also has great games like Sonic, Metal slug, KOF, fatal fury, bust a move, etc games for it.

I'm looking for a GBA SP (hopefully with some stuff), however legitamite offers are considered (money, other items, etc).

So anyways, if you're interested e-mail me or msn message me at: Thanks.
Added you to my msn
well it seems someone backe doutta the trade, so items are still available. Still looking for something in the lines of GBA SP/Sega Saturn/CDX/Broken PS2/etc.