Genesis/Megadrive cart reader/writer for the PC


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I have been lurking around for a while and i was wondering if anyone knew of any information or a known system that would allow me to write to a megadrive cart using the pc. I know i would need software to do this and something wired upto a cart port but i was wondering if this kind of stuff is readily available?



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You can't write to an ordinary Megadrive cart. those things have ROM, Read Only Memory inside, so you can't erase it and place new code. There are backup units, that have memory you can erase, but they were very expensive back then and still are nowadays.

Since finding backup units for megadrives nowadays is hard, the Multi Console Copier is the best bet.


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This may fit your bill. They have a very nice flash cart for Genesis/MegaDrive. It won't let you read real carts (well the adapter could but the software won't...I think). Anyway it's nice and not to stupidly expensive.