Good Stratedgy Games for the Saturn


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Heya m8s,

I've always had a liking for good stratedgy games, though all of my most favorites are only avail. on the PC or other consoles. I was wondering about what the best combat-based stratedgy games are for the Saturn.

I love Advance Wars for the GBA, was there anything similar to the style of that game released in Japan?

Thanks in advance :>

Daniel Eriksson

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There are actually many good ones for the Sat. Even in the us. The best are, however, jap only. Here is lists of Us / Eur and Jap strategy games like that for Saturn :

Us / Pal :

Battlestations (haven´t tried. Boat battles it seems=

Command & Conquer (A classic...)

Dragon Force (This game owns! Try it!)

Heir of Zendor (very hard to learn, But also very good) (us only)

Iron Storm (much like Advanced Wars. Good game!) (us only)

Mystaria: The Realms of Lore / Blazing Heroes (ok game. Like Shining Force but not as good)

PTO II (very hard, very realistic)

Romance of The Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (hard but good) (us only)

Shining Force III (the best strategy rpg ever!)

War Craft II: The Dark Saga (good, but hard to play with control pad)

Worms (sorta strategy. Wonderful game though...)

Z (like C&C and Warcraft. Good but hard to find). (Pal only)

Jap : (note: there are loads more than those...)

QuoVadis 2 (Sci-FI strat. Haven´t played)

Riglord Saga 2 (Mystaria 2, much better than the first one.)

Sakura Taisen 1 (supposed to be very good. haven´t played.)

Sakura Taisen 2 (se above)

Langrisser 3-5 (very good games. Much like Advanced Wars. You will ike them)

As mentioned, there are far more japanese ones. Ask Taelon or VBT.

Ps, I also love Advanced Wars... have to get the second one...


Yeah AW2 rocks. My rechargable battery doesn't last long enough sometimes on the road :)

I'll have to check out some of these listed to mix it up a little


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Thanks For the list Daniel :D.

Several of those I've tried and enjoyed, many more I have yet to try but have heh. I'll give some a go and maybe even make some reviews.

I was even thinking that the mechanics and graphics for something like Advanced Wars is simple enough, maybe I'll get bored and make a game based off of it for the Genesis or Saturn.

Anyway, thanks guys!


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Just adding to the Japanese list, there is a Saturn version of Vandal Hearts, and it's very good.

There's also Shining Force 3 scenarios 2 and 3, that manage to give the already excellent scenario 1 a good beating. I hardly played Scenario 3 past the first battle, but I've played Scenario 2 a lot, and it is VERY good.

There's also Wachenröder, that seems to be very good too.

I haven't played Black Matrix, but isn't it a strategy game too?


yeah, im pretty sure black matrix is a strategy game too, and there is also an ogre game for saturn, though its jap only. I think it was tactics ogre, but im not positive.


I've played Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV on and off for a few years now. I never could beat it, but it's still lots of fun.


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Originally posted by Supergrom@Oct 29, 2003 @ 09:51 PM

yeah, im pretty sure black matrix is a strategy game too, and there is also an ogre game for saturn, though its jap only. I think it was tactics ogre, but im not positive.
Yes, Tactics Ogre... ported by Riverhillsoft, and given full voice-overs outside of battle.

Excellent port, too bad it's Japanese only.

The PS1 version is translated, btw.

It's the first Tactics Ogre (originally on SNES), Ogre Battle Saga chapter 7, "Let us Cling Together".


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Originally posted by Daniel Eriksson@Oct 30, 2003 @ 11:07 PM

Yes, there is a game aclled Soldners Child to. I haven´t played it but it looks very nice. Check the pics on my page...
Daniel your page still doesn't work for me.,