Good SX News!


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The media will NOT go down! Sure it's costing me an arm and a leg but to me it's worth it.

Flakvin, when you have the chance ICQ me.


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I love ya Ice :). In a non-homosexual way of course :p. Anyways, what about makin it to where u have to be logged in to see some of the larger media, like movies and music. This will save lots of bandwidth from all thsoe leechers...
Originally posted by Sixfortyfive@Tue, 2005-03-01 @ 12:58 PM

Oh. I guess that means that my last-minute nonstop weekend downloading spree was unnecessary.:D

Good to know, though.

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Hehe, I did the same thing. Oh well glad to hear it will being staying.
does this mean you gonna put up some new stuff or does it simply mean you'll maintain the current downloads with no new submitions?

cause I've uploaded a Dreamcast soundtrack (Vanishing Point) for you to your FTP some time ago and you didn't put it up....


btw. I too was on that spree and I found a couple of downloads that don't seem to work ....
Vanishing Point has been put on the site OMONowez.. it's been there for sometime now.

If anyone found any dead/broken download links while on their downloading spree's, please email or PM me.
That's good to hear. :) I bet a lot of people have been cheered up by that news!

By the way, my email is still acting up... I don't seem to be able to receive messages or change my password, and I don't even know the settings for POP access. Any help that you could offer would be great! :thumbs-up:


Seriously though Ice, it's fantastic of you to put so much effort into the maintenance and hosting of the site. :)

Don't mean to be 'pushy', but since the soundtracks are staying up, is there any chance I could send my NiGHTS tracks to you soon? I can get them uploaded by a friend of mine who has broadband, or air-mail out a CD with them on, if all else fails. :D
I second the idea of soundtrack torrents. I have a handful that I could provide myself, including SEGAROCK 1&2, SEGACON 2, and lots of Saturn game rips. Also, I spent a large portion of last weekend re-ripping all of my music to FLAC, and I'd like to obtain lossless versions of a lot of the stuff hosted on this site.

Would anybody else interested in doing this?