Ground Zero Texas


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An interesting title for the Mega/Sega CD that came out in the mid ninties when FMV games were 10-as-penny. This one was hyped as a big budget game, and they constructed an entire township for it...just to blow it up. :D

Who here has first played the game, and second, actually liked it? (You know you loved it :D)
Played this one to the end . While the gameplay itself became so repetative after the 2'nd act I wanted to jump out a window, I always felt a strange feeling of accomplishment when I saw the end credits.

I really did like this game. I thought the production of the FMV sequences was top notch, and it showed that SEGA/DP really wanted to do good on this.

I'm somewhat retarded and love anything FVM ( Supreme Warrior, anyone ???? ) But this game, when I was playing it for the first time, really hooked me.

Then again, I almost crapped myself when I finished Sewer Shark the first time. So what does that say about me ???
i would liked to of played it....but sadly i never found a copy of it in any store at the time...(or now for that matter!)