gundam 0079 side story

i got to the last level lastnight and had to replay it like 5 times before i dosed off -- i havent realy tried all posibilities

-- but i hate going though that whole intro thing before you start over

destroying the big rockets is easy

killing the zion guy isint that bad (except trying to get your 2 guys to follow you is a pain) -- i lure him into a passage and then the 3 of us gang up on him and take him out

then destrying the gunns on the base is ok but a pain when that F'n tank gets you

the part i want to ask about is destroying that tank

can you just land on it and shoot away or is it just a hide and go seek game that will take hours

im just trying to get a good idea so i wont have to go fast forward through that intro over and over -- that anoys me so much

oh yea your special weapon is a grenade (which blows - it should be that laser rifle you get to use only once)-- i hope i dont have to use that

oh yea another question if you F up a mision does the story change

like in that mision with the submarine i dint get the hellocopter (i didnt even see it) and in the other mision where you had to get the dome Zaku with the bio weapon sample- i got the decoy
i thank everyone that replied - it helped alot

anyways i was able to finish it and i was awarded a bunch of new options to play with

to anybody that played this game to death -- are there multiple endings or more options to win by playing the game over ????