Hates about paypal

I hate that I have to use my roommates pay pal acct....

LOL Stupid pay pal uses his name =/ one can imagine the issues on that LOL. Why do they even say the names anyways?

Who here uses pay pal and ebay? Any issues on your side? I know he had a pain setting his up for me. Too forever to do since we are in germany.
The only issue I ever had with PayPal is that using 2 names is a hassle; whatever name is on the card is the ONLY name PayPal wants you to use.

I share my account, and people always ask me why there is a different name than mine listed on the account when I use it.

I don't see why they don't use the user name instead.

Other than that, I'm cool with PayPal, It's better than $$$Billpoint!
Yep, i hate having to use paypal considering all the scare stories out there. They have never seen me wrong yet tho. I bought my mega CD off ebay.co.uk and paid with paypal. Will probably have to do the same thing when in about a year's time when i have some more money i get the nomad i promised myself.

The problem i have with paypal is, yes, its a good way to transfer money between people trying to sell stuff they dont want. Byt why do businesses have to use it? cant they just get a CC swipe machine like normal people?


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I saw those sites a while ago and try not to use it now, Nochex is much better. Annoys me that you have to have over $25 in to transfer it to your current account, something I had no idea applied until I tried to do it.
Ok lets start from top.

I speak English better then german. I want to do my listings in ENGLISH. Well ebay.com I can use YEA. BUT trying to setup the account and all they want a US addy! So here I am trying to get a GERMAN acct in english ebay! MANY emails!!!!

Anyways Billpoint ONLY does US people not german. Paypal had some issues but I got them to work with his acct. But yea why DONT they do usernames. Like GEEZ!

But I swear it is SOOOO hard to do things in english when all your stuff is in german! (My Visa from home wont work since I dont PUT money in it lol)

Like im trying now to order a ENGLISH game (Ultima online the new one) from ea.com I do all steps...WTF? No shipping to germany!!! id have to use the GERMAN EA store for that! HOWEVER then id get the GERMAN version! Like GEEZ...I swear comercial online sucks!


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From babelfish...

You could do that, if you wished. The results of such translation are normally little out, as by this great example the English-GermanEnglish translation shown. As you can see, are the results of pretty Lamé... Oh well, beggars cannot be choosers

Actually that turned out better than I expected
NONONON thats NOT what I meant! i can read fine....its just i DONT like working in german! (Why I killed German XP and installed English windows 2000)

What I meant is. Im using German Bank account, German address. It will NOT work for ebay.com account setup or alot of the paying services.

Ea.com online stores dont have option to deliver to germany!

I dont want to order from german Ea.com online stroes because THEN I get the german version of my game! Like HELL NO!

But yea I finally got ebay running like I need it. (After 3 weeks of emails) Finally set it up on ebay.uk
THATS much better then ebay.com!!!! (Why the diff? seems tho that the database is same but the way they handle your options are diff)