have you had any luck testing code on emus ?

I have coded a little using the SGL but my only option to test what I code is to burn a RW, put it on the SS and see what happens.

As you would probably guessed this is extremely slow and tedious and since I don't have a SS-PC link card I have tried to use the emulation.

No luck. At all. Even the stupidiest thing (a hello world) won't show up on the emu screen. Has anyone had any luck ?

If so I would like to know which emu and how.

I have tried SSF and Satourne.
I test my Saturn stuff by making an ISO file and loading it into Satourne (the old one, not the new with plugin stuff, never tried it). I don't know why (it must be an address problem) but just loading the .bin into Satourne won't work.

Which version do you exactly use ? I tried with the old version (to test a hello world) but a Invalid Opcode Error pops up.
I guess it's Satourne Beta 2 v06082002

I have no link either, and use this version of the satourne emulator for test purposes. But it doesn't prevent from burning cdrw, as the emulator seems to be more tolerant to errors than the real hardware. And the sound doesn't work.


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I use the same version Satourne of Djidjo (the old version, IE no plugins).

I also get frequent opcode errors. The trick with Satourne, is to first click on run, the saturn Logo screen will begin to load. After a few seconds of animation, click on load binary, and click on your compailed code, then click on run again, and it should work.

You *might* still get opcode errors from time to time, Satourne seems to be fairly random.

If that doesn't work, try recompiling your code, the saturn compiler is flaky as well. If you need even more help, feel free to post your source code, and we'll take a look. Later.


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I use three emus for testing my code and normally if it works on those 3 emus it should work on Saturn but I still have cases it doesn't work when I burn a CD.

My tests emus :

- SSF 0.006 R4

- Satourne DYNAREC (last version before plugins)

- Girigiri Hxxxed


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And if I say that I use emu on code, instead of code on emu, does it matter ? :biglaugh