Help burning!!!

Well I fixed the spring issue lol now to another issue I have tired 4 times not to burn two diff iso+mp3s I know they work, Da1mon told me to make sure Im burning disc at once and not track at once I cant seem to find that option. Ive burned at various speeds and the lens would pan side to side. Im using Verbatim disc, sopmeone please help Im DLing alchol 120% right now maybe that will do it...


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The DAO96/DAO/TAO choice is in the burn dialog, not the options... you choose the mode right before hitting the burn button and firing it up... but if you can't even see it there then you may be in Nero Express mode. You must switch to full (registered) mode to see the option.

Also, make sure your cuesheets are OK (create them with Sega Cue Maker)... and be aware that dual-mode iso/iso/mp3 games are simply a pain in the ass to get right....
Hey um... here's another question I've got...

- Which MODE should I use to burn the saturn ISO into a CD-R? [ISO+WAV]

- What about BIN/CUE?? Does it use automatic options? Do I need to modify/ change any options?? Which burning MODE should I use?? Does Nero Burning Rom have this function?

- Does burning a saturn ISO+MP3s directly into a CD-R actually works?? If it does, how do I do it? Again, does Nero Burning Rom have this function??

I use a purchased, registered version of the latest Ahead Nero Burning Rom version: 5.5.10 dot dot dot . I also have a Sega Cue Maker installed in my PC...

Please help a newbie.....
Here's a few more questions I really need to know:

I just downloaded Bomberman Fight! (Saturn) from a FTP. It has a total of 165 files.

--> bomberman_fight.part001.rar to bomberman_fight.part164.rar + bomberman_fight.SFV

file size:

- bomberman_fight.part001.rar to bomberman_fight.part163.rar is 1,424 KB each

- bomberman_fight.part164.rar is 902 KB

- bomberman_fight.SFV is 23 KB

-> So the question is, which file should I decompress?? Is it the very last file [bomberman_fight.SFV] or the .rar file with the lowest file size [bomberman_fight.part164.rar] ?? If you say I have to decompress the .SFV file, which decompressor program should I use coz I just can't find a program to decompress the .SFV file..... I have WinAce and WinZip installed in my PC..

-> question 2: I just found out that burning an ISO file without its music file (WAV) works... So.. do I burn it directly or do I have to make a CUE sheet?? Do I have to convert the ISO file into something else? If yes, which format should I convert it to and how do I do it??

-> question 3: Do I have to make a CUE sheet to burn a saturn game from a ISO+MP3??



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Q1: Extract bomberman.part01.rar - the others will automatically extract when you do this. The .SVF file is there so you can verify the integrity of the download using a program like WinSVF (in the Help and FAQs section, I believe).

Q2: You can burn the ISO without the WAVs in most cases. You'll get a game with no music if you do this. Also some games require you have the proper audio files to boot. If you use Windows 9x/ME, then use EZCD 95 found in the Help and FAQs section to burn the game without a CUE sheet. Otherwise get Sega Cue Maker and use it to make a Cue sheet for your ISO+WAV/MP3 games. Use Nero or CDRWin to burn the game with this Cue sheet.

Q3: See my answer above. If there is no cue sheet and you don't use Win9x, you need a Cue sheet. I've heard people say that a burning package called Fireburner is a good program if you don't want to make a Cue.


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PLEASE stick with making a cuesheet
Fireburner is utter crap, and you already have Nero which is great.

The MODE question is irrelevant, since all you have to do in Nero is go to the File menu and select "Burn Image". Then just browse for the .cue file (which should be in a directory by itself along with the .iso and .wav/.mp3 files), and in the burn dialog window, choose Disc-At-Once (or, if you can, Disc-At-Once/96). Do not burn in Track-At-Once mode. Set a proper burning speed (8x to 16x is recommended), and then just fire away.

And yes - you can burn bin/cue images the exact same way. However, in rare cases the CD may appear to burn fine but turn out unreadable/corrupted. That's an old bug in Nero and I'm not sure if it's ever been fully fixed or not. So for bin/cue images, CDRWin would probably be preferred.