help chip 21 pins...i am spanish

pardon but not english, the translation is of google....

Hello, I am a Spanish boy who recently that i begin in this world of saturn... what I have to say is that already to break one saturn trying to solder in chip 64 in 8 pin... is some alternative
point not to solder in that site???? :bs

thank you very much
no lo puedes instalar el modchip en la 64pins chip saturn, pero es no compatibilo.

ah shit, my spanish sucks :smash

you need to have a modchip with a capacitor on top of it, or it won't work with the 64 pins cdboard..

they sell those on

vaya con dios amigo <_<


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I'm sorry, but you are partially wrong.

The capacitor is irrelavant. All the gamegizmo mods that I've bought haven't had them and have worked in Saturn's with the 64 pin IC.