Help identifying JPN Mega Drive


First post here. I need some help with one particular Mega Drive I bought from ebay: it is a japanese Mega Drive but it has an internal RF internal (factory mod?). It is brand new, never used. It has the haa-2500 box and manual, but the serial number on the manual AND the serial number on the mega drive match (S/N G211something) and the model number in the console is haa-2510. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say it is a real japanese megadrive. I also know that the first mega drives in EU were imported from japan because it was only introduced in EU market a couple of years latter. Another piece of info is that th RF shield is not visible from the outside (at the botton of the console).

So, my questions are:

-if the mega drive was modded (from factory or hong kong as some say) to have RF internally (the lead comes out the hole in the back), does it mean that I will not be able to play at 60Hz? (I think i know that the answer is… no) even if I use RGB Scart (i.e., not using PAL RF lead)?

-if I cannot play at 60Hz is it possible to revert the all thing? is it easy? I don’t want to mess up.. as I said it’s brand new in the box, never used or played (what makes it even stranger to have the RF internal mod)

-even with this mod, can I still play japanese games?

-from your personal opinion, should I go ahead and buy it (even if I’m not able to play at 60Hz)?

Sorry for all the questions and thank you so much for any feedback!

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