help please,anyone

my saturn,keeps crashing on the boot freezes on the bit where all the triangles form into the just freezes and sits there like a dumb git.but if i leave it on for an hour or so to get warm it boots ok.but switch it off,leave it to cool down,it does the same thing all over again,not booting.someone help couse its driving me nuts.
Ouch! ??? can you be a bit more specific? Is your system modded?Please, more details :
right i will give a full description of the problem.right when i switch on the saturn with a cd in it starts the boot up ,starts the triangles forming the logo,then freezes.not exact same spot everytime,but allways on the forming of logo.if i boot without a cd in boots,goes to the cd bit,i put a disc in,but freezes when it starts to access.i have no cdr games.all mine are originals.but if i leave the saturn on for an hour or so to warm up,it boots fine.but if i switch it off.leave it to go cold.the same none booting,freezing at logo starts all over again.also it does it on all my games.and they are all perfect and scratch free.