Highest pay in Crazy Taxi

About 3 years ago, a buddy of mine played my crazy taxi for about an hour and a half, all on an single arcade run. With Gina, He made 65,000 and got a crazy lisnce. It was wild, he was so good that most of the nearby customers, red, orange and every other color had all been delivered to their destinations.

I wish I had some proof for you guys; My VMU was formatted shortly after.

We would always go to the mall arcade on tuesdays back in high school. I swear, all that practice paid off
i made 1 million points. actually 999,999 to be precise. which is funny. cuz i was in a crazy slide stuck in kfc, and i couldnt get down, so even tho i accumulated 1 million in tips(which took like 4 minutes), i couldnt land to collect.