Hitachi HiSaturn

i only recently discovered the existance of this thing and i cant seem to find a photo anywhere... although perhaps i should try ebay...

anyhow does anyone own one and could they post up a pic please
Actually.. that's a Hi Saturn w/a GPS modification.. they're VERY rare. But Hitachi made just a regular 'ol everyday Hi Saturn. It looks very much like any other 1st model Saturn (different colors though). It's only difference was that they had VCD play capabilities built-in. They're not THAT uncommon. I see them on eBay occasionally. Heck.. I had an opportunity to buy one on eBay a couple months back from Japan (Postage was.. as usual.. outrageous); and it was modded with a chip. I was low on "fundage"; but it ended up going for only $125 with 9 import games included! I'm still kicking myself.
Hitachi Saturn V1


Hitachi Saturn V2



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Well, due to the girlfriend incident in the general forum, i wont be buying THIS. Nice V-saturn.
So i thought i would show the people who would most appreciate it.
Originally posted by SegaSquad@Jun 14, 2003 @ 11:28 AM

Wow, that was a very good deal for the person who one that auction.

Yup.. it was (sob). Actually.. it seems the price of Saturns cycle on eBay. Right now.. they're actually in a kinda' slump. Heck.. I'm seeing skeletons listed on eBay right now.. direct from Japan.. for around a hundred bucks. That's terribly cheap. Mark my word.. in another two months.. they'll be going for $200 again. Of course.. as I said before.. it's that $75 add-on for express mail from Japan that always gets you.. really.. can't be THAT much.. it's almost as if the JAP sellers had an agreement going on. Me.. I've got two white Saturns.. I really don't see what's SO special about them; and it's not like they're ALL that rare.
Yuk the V-Saturn looks disgusting and so does the HiSaturn

(the GPS/in car version looks alright i spose)

If i owned one i'd definatley change the shell with a Sega Saturn.

The Skeleton Saturn looks awesome. Be cool if you could buy the custom shells from somewhere cuz you know you'll never ever be able to buy a real one. :smash

( i love that hammer icon
About the $17 Pocketstations.. it's either a scam or your classic "bait & draw". I ordered one two weeks ago.. paid $16 for 5 day.. trackable.. EMS shipping and heard nothing from Tototek since then. In the meantime.. they've updated their site 4 times.. always advertising the Pocketstations as "available". I sent them 4 lettters requesting acknowledgement of payment and/or shipment; availability; a tracking #.. anything. They finally refunded my payment through PayPal today after I threatened them with an investigation and said the item is currently "unavailable". I certainly won't EVER deal with these half-wits again.
awww, that sucks. But thanks for testing the water for me

However, I find it rather odd that a friend of mine ordered from them numerous times and didn't ever complain about it :smash