How Do You Play Night Trap?


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Are you wondering how to load the game with the emulator or are you wondering how to play Night Trap?

I thought it was the latter...
As do I,

for the record, I still don't know how to play this game, so it'll be news to me too....

How the hell do you trap the ogers or whatever they're called?
you need to know how to do 3 things in the game: switch the view, spring a trap, and change the trap access code.

(dont know what buttons do what actions right now)

to switch the camera, move the cursor over the room selector and hit the appropriate button.

to capture a bad guy(in all black), push the appropriate button when the flashing meter gets to the red zone.

to change the code, push whatever button and it'll change on screen. you'll have to watch the people talking at the right time to pick up on code changes.

the 1 problem with playing on an emulator is that they don't support swapping discs, which you need to do to finish the game.
i think how you play the game is

1:load it up

2:start a new game

3:don't touch any of the controls except the camera

4:laugh as coeds get carried off one at a time by the fucking goofiest mosters ever

5:turn the game off, never play it again and curse joe lieberman for trying to enforce standards on games based on vioelnt/sexual content instead of trying to enforce standards on games based on quality

failing this pm gallstaff until he tells you what to do

seeing as how he was begging for this game not all that long ago