How fast do you actually have to be going

to get pulled over on the interstate?

I just gotta know. Because I thought I was pushing the speed limit by going 74 on the 65 interstate.

I've heard before that around 10mph over the limit is reasonably safe. I've passed by cops and not gotten pulled over going 9mph over. But I know many people who've gotten pulled over doing over 15mph over.

But it felt like I was going backwards in traffic. The average speed of the other drivers on the interstate was probably around 80-90. And there were plenty of cops lying in wait all along the interstate. But the fact that I saw the cops still sitting their holding their guns when 10 cars had just passed me going 20mph over the speed limit means that they didn't pull any of those guys over.

And I know the speeders couldn't have just slowed down when they saw the cop, because by the time you see the cop, they've already radared you. And supposedly the frequencies picked up by radar detectors change quite often, so those aren't too useful.

I'd heard that 20mph over is enough to get your license suspended. So why is everybody going 20-25mph over the limit on the interstates? Does just nobody care about getting pulled over? Or do the cops only look for people doing 30+? And this is just some big secret I just haven't been informed about yet.

It's so hard to drive, becuase the slowpokes in the right lane are going 55, and the speeders in the left going 90, and as apparently the only person on the road who doesn't want a speeding ticket, I'm just going 70ish, and everytime I pass a slowpoke, in the 5 seconds it takes to pass, some @$$hole flies up and rides angrilly 1inch from your @$$ until you finish passing because he can't stand losing 5 whole darn seconds from his trip. Because risking his life and the lives of his passengers and me by raging tailgating is so worth it to arrive at his destination 5 seconds sooner.

And then you get the guys who aren't using their cruise control, and it's impossible to drive following these guys because one minute they're down to 60, the next up to 70, etc.

And surprisingly, using cruise control (which improves gas mileage), and even with 3 people and loaded to top to bottom with heavy merchandise, I was still able to get about 28mpg in the forester. Went all the way from minneapolis to milwaukee on one tank.

And those milwaukee drivers are bad like chicago drivers, only less preppy and more angry instead. They're all 25mph over the limit and angrilly riding your ass even if you're in the right lane and they can pass you anytime they want.

I mean, some minnesota drivers are bad, and we get a lot of old people driving slow in the left lane, but we're angels compared to chicago and milwaukee.


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Well it depends on the state, county, and the cop.

To get technical the law say you can't go over the speed limit. That is why it is a speed limit. Obviosily the first 3 or 4 miles over the speed limit is given as nobody is perfect. Over that though, it is to the disgression of the police officer if he wants to pull you over for it or not.


Speeding only a few miles per hour over the speed limit is easily thrown out of court, waste of the officers time.

So many speed upto atleast 10 mph over the speed limit when on the interstate... that is a lot of tickets to be handing out.

Some cops just really don't care.


But then again I've been in Ohio and there statey's pull over truck drivers for going only 2 and 3 miles over the speed limit (hit twice myself).

I use general rules of thumb for myself:

1) Never go more then 15 mph over the speed limit no matter where I am.

2) Stay with traffic, if everyone is going 75 and you go 85 you look the delinquent.

3) If there is no vehicles around only go upward to 10 over (on interstate).

4) And finally in residential areas I never go over 5 mph over. Cops are just stinkers here when the speed limits are low like 25 and 30 mph.

Oh and your 20 over comment... I know in the state of florida this is not true (where I live). Laws may be different in your state. But here the first 5mph over is a warning, the next 5 is a small fine. 10 - 20 is a pretty big fine. 20 - 30 is a massive fine and above thirty is a court date.

or something like that... not sure. Haven't received a ticket in forever so it probably has changed.


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I agree with lordofduct on that one. I would say it depends even more on the county then anything.

Since we both live in MN, I can give some examples -- in Wright county, you'd get pulled over for just about any possible reason they can think of, speeding being the most often.

In Otter Tail county, you'd have to be doing a good +20 regardless of where you are at to get pulled over.


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I once got pulled over for 28 in a 25. :-/

My rule of thumb is this: Go as fast as you can, just make sure there's one asshole going faster ahead.


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VertigoXX said:
I once got pulled over for 28 in a 25. :-/

My rule of thumb is this: Go as fast as you can, just make sure there's one asshole going faster ahead.

And someone faster behind as well. Cops don't always go to the front of the line.


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I'm not sure about other states, but most speeders here in california are ticketed as violating the basic speed law:

VC22350. No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway, and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.

Amended Ch. 252, Stats. 1963. Effective September 20, 1963.

But remember you can't exceed the posted speed limit! (usually 65 here)

Most folks here don't really follow the posted speed limit, but in a general area, you tend to find what the speed consensus is as you go along.

I find that driving over 80 is asking for trouble as cars seem to just slow down, exaggerating the speed. When there's a patrolman around, I don't go above 75.


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In california you can be ticketed for anything faster than 5 over right now. Anything less and it'll generally be thrown out. I've known people who got ticketed for 5 over and had it stick, even in a 55. Now, as of July 1st, cops will be ticketing in california for anything faster than 3 over I've heard.


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Down here in Oz you can get "a ticket" for going 3 kph over the speed limit.

I got one a couple of weeks ago for going 87kph (54mph) in an 80 (50) zone. :/